About Myself

Name: Massoud L Khraiche

Hometown: Ain-ebel, Lebanon

Education: MSE, PhD @ ASU

School: UC, San Diego

Occupation: Postdoctoral Fellow



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Highlights of my progress as a Project Scientist

  1. BulletThe company I co-founded was chosen by the San Diego Venture group in their top 30 coolest companies of 2013.

  1. BulletIn Jan, 2013 recently joined the  faculty at the department of ophthalmology.

Highlights of my progress as a Postdoc

  1. BulletI will be presenting my work at BMES on “Monitoring integrin-mediated adhesion and electrical activity of neurons simultaneously using a multi-modal biochip in neuronal cultures” published this year in lab on a chip. (oral presentation). Oct, 2012

  1. Bullet I will be presenting my work at SFN 2012 on “ Silicon nanophotonics for the replacements of the damaged photorecptors in diseased retinas”  (oral presentation). Oct, 2012

  1. Bullet My work on interfacing neurons with nanowires was featured by Dr. Shu Chien in a publication titled “UCSD’s Institute of Engineering in Medicine: Fostering Collaboration Through Research and Education”

  1. BulletWas featured in lorient le jour. Jan, 12, 2012

  1. BulletI recently won the Qualcomm Health & Life Sciences Wireless Health Innovation Challenge. My proposal was selected for funding for $75,000.

  1. Bullet My first patent application titled “Ultra-High Photosensitivity Vertical Nanowire Arrays for Retinal Prosthesis”

  1. BulletMy undergraduate students won best poster at Bioengineering Day 2012. The work is titled

“Optimization of Neural Interface Nanotopography for Retinal Prostheses”

  1. Bullet My first short publication on the topic was recently accepted as a proceeding in 33rd Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference. “Ultra-High Photosensitivity Silicon Nanophotonics for Retinal Prosthesis: Electrical Characteristics”, Massoud Khraiche, Yu-Hwa Lo, Deli Wang, Gert Cauwenberghs, William Freeman, Gabriel Silva

I am currently a postdoc in Dr. Silva’s Lab at UCSD and I am fortunate to work with the following fantastic groups at UCSD:

  1. -Dr. Gert Cauwenberghs

  2. -Dr. William Freeman (MD)

  3. -Dr. Deli Wang

  4. -Dr. Yuhwa Lo

and currently exploring a collaboration with EJ Chichilnisky at Salk.

I would like to also acknowledge the contribution of following students to my work:

  1. -Sohmyung Ha (Cauwenberghs’s group)

  2. -Yi Jing (Wang’s group)

  3. -Arthur Zhang  (Lo’s group)

  4. -Hasan Mohammad Faraby (Lo’s group)

  5. -Lauren Jepson (Chichilnisky’s Group)

  6. -James Cheng (Lo’s group)

  7. -Hongkwon Kim (Lo’s group)

  8. -Ke Sun (Wang’s group)

Details of my PHD work can be found here:

Specifics of my current position

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Gabriel SIlvaat UC, San Diego and the Retinal Engineering Center (REC) within the Institute of Engineering and Medicine (IEM), of which Dr. Silva is the co-director. I was hired to lead an effort by the center to produce a high density, high resolution, long-term nanoengineered visual prosthesis for restoring vision in blind patients with degenerative retinal disorders. Our approach leverages silicon nanophotonic technology to replace the light sensing and signal transduction functions of PRs. The proposed technology has been developed as an ultrahigh sensitivity photodetectors by two labs in the group.  The labs of Dr. Yhuwa Lo and Dr. Deli Wang have been focused on creating a high sensitivity, low power, broadband detectors with small footprint that are easily scalable.

I will be adding more details as soon as I get a little more free time.

Mentored Students

Recording systems that I built

Various conference presentations


Figure to the left , SEM image of PR receptors and

SEM of NW at different  form factors and patterns